Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal Has a Premiere Date!


I’ve been a huge fan of Bryan Fuller’s since Pushing Daisies.  I, of course, also love his short-lived Wonderfalls and even shorter-lived Mockingbird Lane (one episode, really?).  I’m really looking for to his Hannibal.  I mean, I’m not looking forward to a show about a cannibal.  Not at all.  But I am looking forward to a new Bryan Fuller show.  Every time I rewatch his shows (and this is often), I fall in love with his dialogue and zannyness all over again.  He’s one of the few showrunners on television that have a truly unique and defined voice.  Of course, this doesn’t seem to be working for him since all his shows get cancelled, but still, his fans love him for it.   I can’t wait to see the color and the tone he brings to this show.   I’m just a bit disappointed I have to wait until April 4th.  I was hoping that the cancellation of Do No Harm would move things up a bit.  Oh well.  At least, it’s coming to television.  Let’s just hope that the death slot of 10pm Thursday night doesn’t spell out an early doom.